About PixellKart

I am Karthik, an MSc IT graduate from Madras University, who chose to deviate from IT career into pursuing passion for creativity. Started career as Roto Artist for hollywood movies and went on become a graphic designer, video editor and web designer, over the span of seven years. Having gained such vast knowledge I decided not to restrict my passsion and creativity into the small bucket of client and MNC requirements. I decided to reach the end user directly and eliminate any company / middleman in the process. My team and I have mutual understanding so we came together. When passion for painting, designing and photography is taken to the next level of becoming lifestyle and work, PixellKart is given life. By incorporating PixellKart we cater to the wandering and filmy imaginations of people and lift them from mere imaginations to reality into capturing every special moment and event so they can frame it for life.


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